About us

We know that our future and prosperity depends and is based on the trust of our

clients who strive to earn.

The main activity that is associated with the name BOND 2001 in the construction industry is the manufacture and marketing of high-performance, energy-efficient building systems and materials for quality construction.
BOND 2001 is trade brand of Bulgarian construction products own production. The production base is located near Sofia, on the territory of the former cement plant “Temelkovo.”
The ambition of the whole team is to expand services and product range to meet successfully the expectations of all current and future customers.
We have over 50 products manufactured under the brand name BOND 2001 for safe and high quality construction.
Every day each of us works to improve the quality of methods and technologies in the production of building materials to meet the constantly increasing requirements of the European market.
Our team of highly skilled people working hard for the development of products and the expansion of market share.
The guide follows exactly its objectives, relying on qualified personnel, proactive and responsible.

Thank you for the attention you spend on products branded BOND 2001.
Thank you for choosing us and supporting Bulgarian production.